We are deeply saddened and angered by the ongoing problem of unequal justice, resulting in the senseless murder of George Floyd (among so many others), and the recent police violence against peaceful protesters. In solidarity with the demonstrations calling for racial justice and systemic change, Convulsive Editions wants to encourage you to support one of the many organizations promoting these causes. 

In that spirit, we’re offering to send you a FREE copy of any chapbook in stock if you make a donation of any amount directly to one of the following organizations: https://m4bl.org/, https://www.naacp.org/, https://blacklivesmatter.com/, https://populardemocracy.org/, https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/, https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/, https://www.letusbreathecollective.com/

Simply email (editor@convulsive-editions.org), or DM on Twitter or Facebook a copy of your receipt to us - include your mailing address and your book selection. 

Here’s our catalogue: http://www.convulsive-editions.org/p/titles-ordering.html. Have an organization you want added to our list? Just let us know!