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February 2016 Update:
For the month of February, we are running our first fundraiser through Kickstarter. Contributions are basically like pre-orders or subscriptions: Check it out here, learn about our forthcoming titles, and follow our progress.

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Come to the Chicago Book Expo, Sunday, November 24 -- We'll have an exhibitor table full of new books!

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Come to the Pop-Up Book Fair! We'll be there, along with several other great Chicago presses. 
$5 at the door, unless you RSVP here -- then it's free.

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December 9, 2012
2 - 7 PM
Free with RSVP:

We'll be there, more importantly, so will our books!

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Convulsive Fall Release Reading
Saturday, September 15, 7:00 PM

Jared Stanley
Catherine Theis
Christopher Hund 

@ Myopic Books
1564 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Myopic Books is kindly hosting a Convulsive reading featuring Jared Stanley, Catherine Theis, and Christopher Hund. We'll have a broadside to celebrate Stanley's new book, The Weeds, from Salt Publishing. And we'll also be launching Theis' chapbook, The June Cuckold. Hund's In Forest Static and the brand new Larry Sawyer broadside may be available, too -- if they're not sold out by then!

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Printers' Ball

We're happy to be participating in the 8th annual Printers' Ball. If you're in Chicago, you should totally come. It will be a blast!

Friday, July 20, 6 - 11 PM
The Ludington Building
1104 South Wabash Ave. 

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We're announcing our Fall releases:

-a broadside by Larry Sawyer
-a broadside by Jared Stanley
-The June Cuckold, a tragedy in verse by Catherine Theis 

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Midwest Small Press Festival

We'll have a table at the book fair, Saturday, June 2, 10 AM - 6 PM. At The Polish Falcon, 801 E. Clarke St., Milwaukee.

Also at the festival, poets Christopher Hund & Catherine Theis will be reading from the recent and forthcoming work on Convulsive Editions. 1:30 PM at the Cream City Collectives, 732 E. Clarke St., Milwaukee.

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We had a great time at the launch reading last weekend. Thanks to readers James Shea, Tanya Larkin, Dina Hardy, and Christopher Hund, who gave fantastic readings!

Tanya Larkin (with an image by Ben Gocker)

James Shea

Christopher Hund

Dina Hardy